Anastasia Aranovich Photography

Ukraine Before the war

family photos

I have not intended for these photos to be seen by anyone other than my family members and friends and even I had to dig them up from the old CDs they were burnt on many years ago. But the war in Ukraine and the resulting tension in the world have changed a lot of things and I want to share with people the little glimpses of peace that I have known in the country where I grew up. Maybe as a cover up or an antidote for all the horrible images we see on the news now. I wouldn't want people who have never been there think of it just that way. I am praying and hoping that the peace will return soon. And the country that was once mainly viewed as a breadbasket will also be viewed as a ferocious fighter. Fighter for it's freedom, it's culture, it's language and it's place in the world.

My mom overlooking the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine

Woman gathering up hay in Carpathian Mountain region

Cows grazing in the field in Central Ukraine

Mineral water resort in Western Ukraine

Field of sunflowers at the end of the harvest season in Southern Ukraine

My mom holding bouquet of wildflowers in Southern Ukraine

Classic Ukrainian wheat field in Southern Ukraine near the city of Mykolaiv

Rich black soil in Southern Ukraine

Stopping on the road for a short snack in Southern Ukraine

Crane's nest in Central Ukraine

Village cows coming back from the pasture in Southern Ukraine

My son roaming in the field in Southern Ukraine

Sleepy street cat in the city of Mykolaiv

Local residents cooling off in the fountain on Khreshchatyk street in Kiev

Carpathian Mountain region in Western Ukraine

My grandmother in her kitchen in the city of Mykolaiv

Colorful residential house on my way to grandmother's apartment in the city of Mykolaiv

Sunflower field at sunset in Southern Ukraine

Group of older women in the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine

Overlooking the bridge at sunset time in the city of Mykolaiv

Teen girl rollerblading on the main shopping street in the city of Mykolaiv

Ukrainian wheat field in Southern Ukraine

Feeding seagulls on the Black sea in Dofinivka, Odessa region

Galina baking her yeasty cakes in a traditional Ukrainian oven in Opyshnya, Central Ukraine

My daughter learning to make clay animal whistles in Opyshnya, Central Ukraine

Clay pots hanging on a traditional Ukrainian fence in Central Ukraine

My children enjoying the visit to an open market with the baby ducks stand in the city of Mykolaiv

Cloudy day by the Black Sea near the city of Odessa in Southern Ukraine

Enjoying the foggy view in the Central Ukraine

My cousin's daughter holding a sparkler in the city of Mykolaiv

My mom and I being silly on the main shopping street at night in the city of Mykolaiv

Sunflower field in Southern Ukraine

Prints are available for purchase and the proceeds will go towards the funds to help the people of Ukraine.