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Top Boston Headshot Photographer, MA

Are you dying to redo your old profile photo or need a brand new professional headshot in Boston? I’m here to help! I have been doing headshots for years now. I meet people from very different professions: doctors, writers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, real estate agents, local business owners, students. Even if you don’t believe you’re photogenic and feel stressed about taking your photos rest assured you will be surprised how easy it actually is and you will be delighted to get images that capture your style and personality.

Why Are Headshots Important?

Whether you’re a lawyer, a CEO, or an aspiring musician, a headshot is essential. It gives people an idea of who you are and what you’re like before they meet you. A headshot also conveys your professionalism to potential clients, investors, and employees.

Most importantly, a headshot that you love increases your self-confidence and can even inspire you to take risks, share yourself with others, and overcome challenges. It’s a powerful tool that can open doors to new opportunities.

For actors, dancers, models, and other performers, your headshot is your business card, and having a crisp, clean headshot can potentially get you called for an audition! Your headshot should convey what you physically look like and capture different sides of your personality. Models need a close-up of the face, a three quarter length photo, and a full body shot. For actors, a close-up of the face is essential.

How to Prepare for Your Headshot Session

To ensure the best possible headshot, I recommend that you dress simply. Your profession, industry, and how the headshot will be used will dictate the best clothing options for you. You might choose a formal suit and tie, a business casual sweater, or even a t-shirt. We’ll discuss this before your photoshoot.

Ladies, I suggest taking the time to do your makeup and hair. It doesn’t have to be professional if you feel confident in your abilities. Guys, a fresh haircut, clean shave, or trimmed beard is always helpful. You are welcome to bring a few different tops or shirts so we can capture a diverse set of images.

If you’re unsure of clothing choice, send me a picture, and I will provide you with my honest opinion. The general rule of thumb is that if it’s distracting in any way, don’t wear it. Avoid busy patterns and “loud” colors for business photos.

It’s also important to get a good night’s sleep the night before and stay hydrated to ensure you look well-rested.

Importance of Your Clothing Choice

A lot of us take numerous photos of ourselves or each other and don't often think about what clothes we are wearing at any given moment and whether or not clothes make any difference, especially when we are just snapping a quick selfie in front of the Eiffel tower :) Right? At that moment it doesn't matter. But when the time comes to get your professional headshots say for LinkedIn we need to make a conscious decision of what to wear. The obvious question arises how important is your choice of clothes in professional photos?

You might have guessed it by now because the answer is that clothes are pretty important. What you are wearing can give subtle cues to the viewer about your profession, a glimpse into your character, and your likes and dislikes. Clothes can add a lot of attributes to your look before anyone ever meets you in person. It can help you convey to the viewer if you are happy if you are organized if you are going to fight for your client if you are going to solve their problems if they can trust you. It is a complementary visual tool for your audience.

Every time I book a headshot session with a client we go over the question of what to wear. The answer is not always straightforward because it depends on many factors like photo usage, your profession, skin and hair color, person's weight, etc. While there are guidelines that can help anyone, it is really individualized for every one and that's why we will have a discussion about that before your session and we will go through your wardrobe choices before the session to come up with the best options.

When to Book Your Headshots

As a headshot photographer in Boston area I know that people have busy schedules, that's why I photograph business portraits any day of the week, in-studio or on-location. For companies who need consistent headshots of multiple employees, I can come to your workplace to minimize the time your staff is out of the office.

After your session, images are ready in three business days. Rush options are available.

Corporate Headshots & Business Portrait Pricing

Preliminary discussion of location, wardrobe, and style of photos

30 - 45 minute portrait session in-studio or on-location (travel/location fee applies)

Images presented in a personal online gallery within 3 business days

Includes 3 retouched high-resolution digital files


Additional retouched digital files are $45 each

Contact Your Boston Headshot Photographer

If you’re interested in putting your best foot forward with new headshots, don’t hesitate to contact me today at (571)331-1105 or via my contact form.