♦  Celebrating Beauty in Real Women  ♦

Hi! The boudoir photography you will see on my site might be a little different, than in other places. Why? It’s because I think, that boudoir is not just a photo session of a woman in a pretty lingerie. I see it as a chance to capture the woman’s beauty and her true self, which sometimes she can’t see it in herself. Boudoir photography for me is a way of showing real women how beautiful and unique they are. It is also a very fun and playful time for you, unlike any other photography sessions that you might have done before.

You might be thinking: “When is a good time to do this?” or “I really don’t think with my weight I would look good doing this” or “I don’t know how to pose at all”… There maybe other concerns going through you mind right now, but I can assure you that boudoir photography can be done at any point of your life without any prior experience and even multiple times! You can leave it up to me to guide you through the process successfully and produce beautiful and meaningful images for you despite your age, weight or any other limitation you think you might have. But you really don’t! I have seen it with my clients and I know how happy they are after they see their images!

I believe that every one of us is beautiful right now as we are and boudoir photography will show you that!

Ready to see some boudoir photos?